Miscellaneous Tools


The command line tool igetf is used to pull stuff from web pages without using a browser with a graphical user interface. Enter the URL of the resource you want to download, and then press Enter to download it to the current directory. Similar to the Unix wget, but without FTP capabilities. (17k zip, Win32 command line /w src)



kill is a tool for terminating dead applications, similar to it's Unix counterpart with the same name (32k zip, Win32 command line /w src, won't run on WinNT)



The command line utility luniq is used for removing duplicates from a text file (such as glossaries), and/or splitting huge files (such as glossaries) into smaller parts (16k zip, Win32 command line /w src)


OCS Calculator

OCS Calculator is an online odds calculator for Operational Combat System, a board game originally published by The Gamers, Inc. The calculator is optimized for mobile devices, and is available here. For desktop users, downloadable app versions are available here.