Tanto Anagrams

This is an anagram generator that you can use to rearrange the letters of a word, a name or a phrase to get new words and phrases. It's really simple to use, and it's available in English, Swedish and Danish. Just drag around the letters, or click the button in the toolbar.


To start making anagrams, click the button in the toolbar. You can select and rearrange letters using the mouse, or press DEL to delete the selected letters. If you click the button in the toolbar, all letters are erased. You can also remove all letters by pressing ESC on the keyboard. To lock certain letters, select them using the mouse and click the button in the toolbar.

The anagrams returned come in a certain sequence, and when you click the button, you collect the next anagram in the sequence. If you want to go back to a previous anagram in the sequence, hold down SHIFT on your keyboard when you click.


An anagram (gr. αναγραμματισμος, anagrammatismos, 'to rearrange letters') of a word is the result of rearranging the letters in that word, to form a new word or a phrase. It's a game with words that has been known since antiquity, and has been associated with numerology and mysticism. It was common in the Jewish kabbalistic tradition during the Middle-ages, but also in renaissance and baroque Europe. However, the main purpose of making anagrams is of course pure recreation.

In modern times, anagrams has been used by surrealist poets such as Andre Breton and Gunnar Ekelöf. One very common application of the anagram idea is the refrigerator magnet poetry kits, where each magnet in the kit corresponds to a certain word.

Word Play Cheats

Anagram generators like this can also be used for cheating in word puzzle games, such as Scrabble and WordFeud. Don't do that. It spoils the fun of word puzzles.