Tanto Hursa

Tanto Hursa is a versatile, powerful and simple-to-use solution for terminology management. It is a web application, using either a cloud hosted or an internal storage database, such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

Tanto Hursa supports all your terminology management needs, including workflow definitions, multi-language environments and diverse work force setups. Easy, platform independent access simplifies technical aspects and makes it possible to maintain terminological consistency across your processes.

The robust security system allows authenticated users to create new domains, or subsections of the database, where all users are allowed to enter new terms as they appear in the authoring or translation environment. Each term entered can be described with standard terminological fields, such as grammar properties or area of applicability. To every term the user can attach auxillary documents, such as images, sound or video files.

Every new entry is assigned the status Pending, meaning that some form of acceptance test must be performed on the term. Once accepted, the new entry is available to all users, for commenting or updating if the access level of the user is sufficient.hursadump

The screen shot above shows the user interface in Microsoft Internet Explorer 'unit' in the demo database. All terms in the source language (english) matching the search expression are displayed in the list in the main window, with detailed information about the concept and terms in the various panes to the right and below


hursaconceptsThe terminological information is structured around concepts, language neutral entities that typically refers to some class of objects in the real world. Connected to every concept is one or more terms, in one or more languages.

The concept object in the terminological system can hold many pieces of information, such as a verbal definition and examples of what differentiates this concept from other concepts. From a methodological standpoint, the concept is similar to a set, defined solely by it's members. Just as a certain set may share some of it's members with other sets, a certain object in the real world may be classified as belonging to more than one concept. For example, a baseball bat can be classified as a 'toy' or a 'weapon', without implying that either one of these classifications are faulty. One important aspect of all terminological work is to get the conceptual framwork right, to make certain every concept has a clear and distinct reference to a set of abstract or real objects. Using Hursa, you can get valuable help in describing the logical pieces that make up your environment in a structured way.



The other crucial building block of a terminology system is the term, language specific entities of one or more words that are connected to a concept. For the normal translation project, the conceptual process is pretty much done already, and the task of finding the correct terms is typically left to the translator or localization technician.When a new term is found in the translation project, the translator can choose between creating a new concept, and attaching the new term to an already existing concept. The system supports an unlimited number of terms connected to a single concept, in an unlimited number of languages. The information about each term is typically limited to grammatical information, usage notes and information about the source of the term, but each object can hold an unlimited number of properties or data fields to accomodate your needs.


Tanto Hursa is directly integrated with Tanto Ripost, our tool for fast and flexible dictionary lookup. Integration with major translation systems such as SDL Studio, Deja Vu and Translation Workspace is also available. An addin for Microsoft Office Word is under development. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the possibilities of integrating Hursa with other translation and authoring systems.


  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Efficient storage enabling fast lookups
  • TBX standards compliant export and import
  • Online, multi-user solution
  • Simple and efficient administration
  • Complete change history of all concepts and every term
  • Rollback functionality


We provide Tanto Hursa as a hosted solution for 900 EUR per year, excluding VAT. Support onsite for setup and training is available. Please request a quote on custom solutions and adaptations of existing terminology.

Take a test drive

A demo version of Tanto Hursa is available online, complete with a terminology database in three languages compiled from various sources. To access the database, please click the button below and login using the following credentials:
U: demo
P: hursa2016